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First Pass System Success 2007


GRANTE Corporation participates to First-Pass System Success, Ansoft Corporation's technical application workshops, held througout Asia, North America, and Europe.

Besides many other companies, GRANTE is presenting the latest developments in high speed wireless technology.


First Pass System Success

Dates and Locations

2007.09.11. Bangalore, India;   2007.09.13. Singapore, R.S.;   2007.09.18. Beijing, P.R.C.;   2007.09.19. Cheng-du, P.R.C.;   2007.09.21. Shanghai, P.R.C.;   2007.10.02. Minneapolis, MN;   2007.10.10. Taipei, Taiwan;   2007.10.11. Toronto, ON;   2007.10.12. Tokyo, Japan;   2007.10.16. Irvine, CA;   2007.10.18. Detroit, MI;   2007.10.19. Boston, MA;   2007.10.25 San Jose, CA;   2007.10.30 Portland, OR;   2007.11.06. Stockholm, Sweden;   2007.11.08. Bellevue, WA;   2007.11.08. Bishop's Stortford, UK;   2007.11.09. Milan, Italy;   2007.11.12. Munich, Germany;   2007.11.15. Paris, France;   2007.11.21. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Participating Companies

World leading corporations and institutes in high-frequency, signal and power integrity and electromechanis systems, such as CEA–Leti, Duke University, FeliCA Networks, GRANTE, Hewlett Packard, Magtrol, MISO, Nagasaki University, Panasonic, Siemens, ST Microelectronics, Tektronix, Tessera, TSMC, UCLA, UMC, Valeo, Wistron Corporation.

GRANTE Abstract

Today's high-speed point-to-point communication links place extreme demands on network operators. While high reliability and high capacity are essential, realizing this in practice is not trivial. Environmental or aesthetic constraints often limit the number of microwave links allowed and very costly real-estate on existing towers force designers to increase bandwidth using existing infrastructure.

This presentation highlights the design techniques and software used by Grante Corporation to address these needs. First, the author will show how Grante Corporation creates hybrid combiners and orthomode transducers with high inter-port isolation and low return loss to allow two independent channels to reliably use a single antenna. These antenna subassemblies leverage polarization and frequency combining techniques to achieve the required performance. Next, the author will discuss how Grante Corporation rapidly and efficiently designs hybrid transitions between standard waveguide components and custom components. This is one of the most critical steps for system success, as optimized designs need to be created under non-optimal real-world conditions. Design cycle reduction, from months to weeks, and cost savings due to smaller volumes that use less materials will be shown and discussed.

GRANTE Presentation

To download the complete presentation (PDF, 11 MB) click on the following link: presentation.pdf