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38 GHz HDPA antenna family announced

GRANTE Corporation announces 38 GHz HDPA series, the newest member in high performance, low profile antenna generation.

High Perfromance Dielectric Parabolic Antennas (HDPAs) have unique feed system that provides high gain, low return loss, excellent radiation characteristics, and outstanding front-to-back ratio.

38 GHz HDPAs are available in separate and direct mounted design, and together with GRANTE Hybrid Family, they offer a compact, robust, and future-proof solution for all who don't want to make compromise between performance and simplicity.


0.6 m diameter High Performance Dielectric Antenna

0.6 m diameter High Performance Dielectric Antenna


The HDPA Family has been merged into HPA Family in 2009. The low-profile antenna generation has the HPA (High Performance Antenna) name. More information about 38 GHz HPAs can be found on the HPA…380 Series Specification page.

For ordering information please visit our Antenna Ordering page.