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Measurement Systems

MS 3100

MS 3200

Measurement Systems


Measurement systems are devices for testing a microwave link in laboratory conditions.

The simplest tool for simulating free space propagation is a waveguide attenuator. The power of the wave propagating inside the waveguide is partially absorbed by a properly shaped ferrite-based obstacle. Variable attenuators contains fine-adjustable micrometers that change the effective absorbing volume inside the waveguide smoothly.

Fixed Attenuator

Variable Attenuator

Fixed Attenuator

Variable Attenuator

Standalone fixed and variable attenuators are available in all frequency ranges from 7 up to 80 GHz. Any waveguide (from R70 to R740) and flange type (UBR, UDR, CPR, etc.) are available upon request.


Standalone waveguide attenuator block consisting of one variable (0…40 dB) and one fixed (30 dB) attenuators

Standalone waveguide attenuator block consisting of
one variable (0…40 dB) and one fixed (30 dB) attenuators

Attenuators are also available in rack-mounted design with direct mounted ODU-interfaces.

Measuring System 3000

Besides waveguide attenuators, that have standard flanges, GRANTE Corporation offers complete measuring systems (MS 3000 systems) that consist of attenuators and ODU-interfaces. Outdoor radio units and/or hybrid couplers can be directly mounted on these systems, providing simple and convenient testing.

A typical measurement system consists of a fixed attenuator block and a variable attenuator block, integrated in a robust frame having direct mounted ODU-interfaces on both sides.


Measuring System with two ODUs

Measuring System with direct mounted ODUs

All attenuators are uniquely calibrated. Calibration records are provided in electronic form upon request.

Direct mounted measuring systems are available in single and dual polarized versions (one may click on the required Measuring System to find more information about the configurations):

 Frequency Band 
Measuring System
MS 3100
 single polarized  
MS 3200
 dual polarized  
7–8 + +
10–11 + +
13–15 + +
18–23 + +
26 + +
28 + +
32–38 + +
42 + +
80 + +


For more information about measurement systems please contact us via e-mail.