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Dual Polarized Hybrids for 4 Outdoor Radio Units


Dual polarized hybrids are 5-port microwave systems that split the input power into four parts (based on polarization separation and equipolar decoupling), consequently, allow the simultaneous operation of four outdoor radio units (ODUs). Since the devices provide high inter-port isolation and low return loss, their application together with high performance antennas lead to use of four independent transmission channels on a single antenna at the same time.

Dual Polarized Hybrid for 4 Outdoor Radio Units

DH–4ODU consists of
one OMT (for polarization separation), and
two hybrids (for equipolar decoupling)


Dual Polarized Hybrids can be directly mounted on antennas that have circular waveguide connector. Alternatively, if the antenna is not ready for direct mount, and the feed system itself contains an integrated orthomode transducer, the separate mounted version of the system can be applied. The interfaces on the ODU sides are upon customer's request (coaxial cable connector, standard waveguide flange, ODU interface or any special request).

2x(2+0) Dual Polarized System

2×(2+0) Dual Polarized System

2x(1+1) Dual Polarized System

2×(1+1) Dual Polarized System


Available types are listed in the following table (one may click on the required Frequency Band to find more information about the hybrids):

Frequency Band
11 +
13 +
18 +
38 +


Direct mounted 2×(1+1) system

Direct mounted 2×(1+1) system

Direct mounted 2×(1+1) system

Direct mounted 2×(1+1) system


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