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Development and production

Development and production

Let's develop together! Development and production in one place.

Numerous great and marketable ideas remain unrealised because product design, seeking out of subsidies and investors, preparations of the prototype and then the quantity production, preparation of the documentations, etc. prove to be an exceedingly major challenge for private entrepreneurs.

With the help of our engineers, specialists and our social network we are happy to cooperate with all entrepreneurs seeking us out.

Owing to our flexibility and effective capability of development and innovation, we develop 60-70 new products (typically of our own, so far), on average, every year. Our experts have been developing our products according to actual market demands for 25 years, thus having been able to produce numerous unique, customised products that our customers have been using with full satisfaction. We are able to handle the problems occurring during the design and production process quickly and effectively. Our infrastructure and machinery provide opportunities for the production of numerous products. There is a good chance that with the help of our partners we are able to coordinate the manufacturing of even those devices that cannot be manufactured in our plant.