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Microwave Solution

Microwave Solution

GRANTE Corporation has an open mind for the customer’s requirements. Even the smallest special request is welcome, because we know that development may never stop.


Modeling and simulation

GRANTE Corporation’s R&D team focus on product development to fulfill even the most specific requirements.

Modeling and simulation methodology applies state of the art numerical, analytical and hybrid technologies to optimize the performance of the devices.

GRANTE understands that continuous conversation with our partners is essential. We beleive that our flexibility and uniquely short response time help our customers to find the optimum solution in any situation

3D model and electromagnetic field distribution of a waveguide corner
Virtual prototyping is a key process during the design of new products
The overall performance of products is well predicted using EDA tools.


Antenna radiation patterns are measured on GRANTE’s 1.8 km long slant measuring site. The propagation path is tilted by 1.5° to minimize earth reflection.

Primary feed measurements are either performed in anechoic chamber or in our special absorbing paraboloid reflector.

High precision measuring equipments are available up to 90 GHz.

Anechoic chamber
Absorbing paraboloid reflector


All GRANTE products are developed, designed and produced primarily by ourselves (except for some special surface finish-ings). Our ISO:9001 certificate ensures the high quality of each product.

Antenna reflectors are made from aluminium and are produced with our special patented technology. Different radome types are available (conical, flat solid, and flat flexible) for different applic-ations. Mounting structures are made from hot-dip-galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

High precision waveguide components are produced with CNC machines.

0.8 m diameter high performance antennas are equipped with side strut for stability
0.6 m diameter high performance antenna with flat flexible radome
CNC machine during the construction of a waveguide coupler

Enviromental conditions

The standard operating wind speed for antennas is 120 km/h (with 220 km/h survival wind speed). With optional wind kit, the increased survival wind speed is 240 km/h.

Operating temperature range is –55°C … +55°C, maximum relative humidity is 100 %.

Flexible radome reduces the risk of ice coating

Future proof design

Today’s microwave networks place extreme demands on network operators. High reliability and high capacity are essential, but real-izing this in practice is not trivial. End-users force operators to in-crease the bandwidth and the reliability of the links, while environ-mental constraints limit the number of applicable antennas.

GRANTE offers a future-proof modular system that allows flexible and scalable upgrade of microwave links, providing a unique future-proof solution for those who keep their eyes on tomorrow’s networks.

2×(1+1) system currently using only one polarization in hot standby (1+1) mode. Capacity is doubled when the other polarization is being used.


Antennas are packaged following the ‘minimum effort during in-stallation’ principle. To achieve this, antennas and radomes are assembled before packaging. Final assembly takes only a few minutes, even in case of 1.8 m diameter antennas.

Special packaging requirements (e.g. full assembly before packaging) may be fulfilled upon request

1.8 m diameter pre-assembled antenna in steel crate. Only mounting clamps and elevation adjustment rod are to be installed before hoisting. Fianl assembly takes 15...20 minutes.