Passive Component

SH 230260 2ODU Series

Electrical Specifications   SH 230260 2ODU 3
Operating Frequency 21.200–26.500 GHz
Insertion Loss main 4.2 dB
Insertion Loss standby 4.2 dB
Inter-Port Isolation 20 dB
Return Loss 16.5 dB
Interface1 antenna side Upon Customer's Request
Interfaces2 ODU side Upon Customer's Request
Mechanical Specification   SH 230260 2ODU 3
Net Weight3 3.5 kg
Material   SH 230260 2ODU 3
Material Aluminium

1 Direct and separate mounting is available upon request.
2 Coaxial cable connector, standard waveguide flange or any ODU interface is available upon request.
3 Approximate value (net weight depends on the required interfaces).

Ordering Information

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