The top management of GRANTE Corp. is committed to develop, maintain and continuouslyimprove a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 to achieve a successful andeconomical long-term operation.

During our work we focus on meeting the demands of our customers by continuously improving thequality and reliability of our products and services to satisfy their needs.

We would also like to meetthe expectations of the society, the owners and workers of our company.We find it really important to improve our market share, production and work environmentconditions. We would like to use this to ensure the financial and intellectual growth of ouremployees.

The top management of our company is committed to continuous technical development to increasethe customer satisfaction and our professional self-esteem. We would like to achieve that the nameof our company is to be well known and respected amongst microwave experts.

Our goal is to create such a network of suppliers, who can supply the materials and services that arenecessary for the production on a long term basis in the necessary quality and with mutuallybeneficial terms.