Hybrids and orthomode transducers

Hybrids and orthomode transducers are 3-port microwave wave-guide systems that split the input power into two parts, consequently, allow the simultaneous operation of two outdoor radio units (ODUs). Since the devices provide high inter-port isolation and low return loss, their application together with high perform-ance antennas lead to use of two independent transmission channels on a single antenna at the same time.

Combination of hybrids and orthomode transducers lead to many-radio systems, the real no-compromise solutions for mission critical applications.

Hybrids divide the input power into two
(not necessarily equal)
parts with identical polarization
Orthomode transducers separatehorizontal
and vertical polarizations
Orthomode transducer mounted on a high performance antenna


Besides antennas and couplers, several types of accessories are available, such as coaxial-waveguide adapters, cables, wave-guide bends, transitions, and many other components to make system integration easier and simpler.


Coaxial–waveguide adapter

Direct or separate mounted passive components to upgrade the single polarized (1+0) system to (2+0) double capacity or (1+1) hot standby system


Direct or separate mounted passive components to upgrade to (4+0), (3+1) or (2+2) system


Direct mounted passive components for dual polarized, circular waveguide connector antennas


Direct or separate mounted passive components to upgrade to 2×(2+0) or 2×(1+1) system


Adapters with different coaxial connector and waveguide flange types.


Low insertion loss coaxial cables with different lengths and connector types.


Mounting brackets for remote (indirect) mount applications.


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