1 – Antenna Family
PAParabolic Antenna
GRPAParabolic Antenna with Grid Reflector
HPAHigh Performance Parabolic Antenna
HXPAHigh Cross-Polarization Discrimination Parabolic Antenna
SASlot Antenna
YAYagi–Uda Array
PRPassive Reflector
2 – Antenna Diameter

Diameter of the antenna in meters, or size of the passive reflector in square meters.

3 – Polarization of the Antenna or Shape of the Passive Reflector
SSingle Polarization
DDual Polarization
QSquare Shape Passive Reflector
RRectangular Shape Passive Reflector
RORhombic Shape Passive Reflector
4 – Frequency Band

Operational frequency in GHz multiplied by 10.

If the antenna is wideband, or the operational frequency range is not commonly used, the minimum and the maximum operational frequency is indicated here.

5 – Radome Type

This field is optional, required only for antennas with radome.

FRFlexible Radome
SRSolid (flat) Radome
CRConical Radome
6 – Number and Type of Flange(s) or ODU(s)
AAlcatel Interface
C(IP10)Ceragon IP10 Interface
DWDragonWave Horizon Interface
RAU2Ericsson Mini-Link Interface (RAU12 = RAU1&RAU2)
RC1Remec RC1 Interface (Huawei, Sagem)
RR1Remec RR1 Interface (Huawei, Sagem)
IIntracom Intralink Interface
SWISKRA (SparkWave) Interface
NECNEC Pasolink Interface (for most recent and/or most popular NEC ODU)
Please note that this field requires further specification in some cases (e.g. at lower frequencies).
V23NEC Pasolink Interface (V23 = V2&V3)
FNokia Flexihopper Interface
SIAESIAE Interface
S4Siemens S4 Interface
NN Connector
Standard Waveguide Flange (according to IEC60154-2 or other standards)
Flange material (aluminium or brass) has to be specified.
etc.Any other interface is available upon request.
7 – Coupling of the Directional Coupler

This field is optional, required only for hot standby systems where antenna is equipped with Polar Rotor.

33 dB nominal coupling (50% decoupling)
66 dB nominal coupling (25% decoupling)
1010 dB nominal coupling (10% decoupling)
etc.Any other coupling coefficient is available upon request.
8 – Type of the Antenna Interface

This field is optional.

PRAntenna is equipped with Polar Rotor (to change between Horizontal and Vertical polarization mechanically, without removing the hybrid system and the ODUs).
ADAntenna is equipped with Angle Diversity System (to reduce the outage probability in case of frequency selective fading).
9 – Cost Options

This field is optional.

Packaging, color, logo, heated or hydrophobic radome or other special request are to be indicated in written form.

Example #1

HPA 1.2 S 59 FR NEC (N Connector)

HPA High Performance Parabolic Antenna
1.2 1.2 m Diameter
S Single Polarization
59 Operational Frequency: 5.9 GHz band (5.925–6.425 GHz)
FR Flexible Radome
NEC NEC Interface with further specification: N connector

Example #3

HPA 1.2 S 130150 FR NEC

HPA High Performance Parabolic Antenna
1.2 1.2 m Diameter
S Single Polarization
130150 Operational Frequency: 13–15 GHz (wide)band (12.750–15.350 GHz)
FR Flexible Radome
NEC NEC Interface for most recent ODU (currently: NEO)

Example #2

HXPA 1.8 D 71 FR 2UDR84 (Cu)

HXPA High Cross-Polar Discrimination Parabolic Antenna
1.8 1.8 m Diameter
D Dual Polarization
71 Operational Frequency: 7.1 GHz band (7.125–7.750 GHz)
FR Flexible Radome
2UDR84 Cu Two standard UDR84 Brass Flanges (Separate Mounted ODUs)

Example #4

HPA 0.8 S 180 SR 2V4 6 PR

HPA High Performance Parabolic Antenna
0.8 0.8 m Diameter
S Single Polarization
180 Operational Frequency: 18 GHz band (17.700–19.700 GHz)
SR Solid (flat) Radome
2V4 Two Outdoor Units (both with Pasolink V4 interface
6 6 dB nominal coupling between the two branches
PR Polar Rotor


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