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Single Polarized Hybrids for 4 Outdoor Radio Units

Single Polarized Hybrids for 4 Outdoor Radio Units

SH–4ODU Catalogue 
Single Polarized Hybrid Couplers for 2 Outdoor Radio Units
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Single polarized hybrids are 5-port microwave systems that split the input power into four parts, cosequently, allow the simulataneous operation of four outdoor radio units (ODUs). Since the devices provide high inter-port isolation and low return loss, their application together with high performance antennas lead to use of four independent transmission channels on a single antenna at the same time.

SH–4ODU consist of three hybrids


Available types are listed in the following table (one may click on the required Frequency Band to find more information about the hybrids):

Frequency Band
13 +
15 +
18 +
23 +
26 +
28 +
32 +
38 +


Direct mounted 2×(1+1) system

Direct mounted 2×(1+1) system


Single Polarized Hybrids can be attached to the back of the antennas in direct and separate mounted ways. Transmission capacity and link availibility can be increased in a simple and flexible way with hybrids, giving the possibility to adapt the system to the ever-changing requirements.

(1+0) System Initial Configuration


2×(1+1) System Hot Standby Operation (double capacity, very high availability)


(3+1) System Hot Standby Operation (triple capacity, increased availability)


(4+0) System Simultaneous Operation (four-fold capacity)

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