GRANTE Antenna Fejlesztő és Gyártó Zrt.





Microwaves are invisible, but the infrastructure for transmission is not. People do not want to see antennas in their living space, therefore, it is many times preferred to hide the radiation sources. On the other hand, protected buildings (e.g. church towers, historical buildings, etc.) require the camouflage of the infrastructure to preserve the aesthetics.

When antennas are placed behind an obstacle (roof tile, shutter, etc.), significant insertion loss is added to the microwave link due to the lossy property of traditional building materials. GRANTE Corporation offers specially designed microwave windows that minimize the losses for the given frequency, polarization, and radiation direction, while preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the building.

It is important to note that there is no general solution for minimizing the effect of obstacles in the radiation direction. Roof tile thicknesses, shutter dimensions and orientations vary from application to application, and an optimal solution for a given configuration may be the worst possibility for for another one. Therefore, our engineers uniquely design every microwave window, offering a professional camouflage solution for both the operators and people.

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