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Coaxial–Waveguide Adapters

Coaxial–Waveguide Adapters

Coaxial–Waveguide Adapter Catalogue 
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Coaxial–waveguide adapters are two-port microwave devices that enable seamless transition between coaxial cables and rectangular waveguides. They provide low return loss and insertion loss, therefore, they are the perfect solution for mixed coaxial–waveguide applications.

R220–K Adapter
(WGA 176267-UBR220(A)-K)

R320–K Adapter
(WGA 264400 UBR320(A)-K)

R84-N Adapter
(WGA 7185-UDR84(A)-N)


For most waveguide sizes, adapters are available in two versions: one that covers the full waveguide frequency band, and another that is fine-tuned for the typical terrestrial microwave frequency bands the waveguide supports. Available types are listed in the following table (one may click on the required Waveguide Type to find more information about the adapters):

Full Waveguide BandTypical TMW Bands
R48   +(3.900–6.000 GHz)   +(4 GHz)
R70   +(5.400–8.200 GHz)   +(6L–6U GHz)
R84   +(6.600–10.000 GHz)   +(7–8 GHz)
R100   +(8.200–12.500 GHz)   +(10–11 GHz)
R120   +(9.800–15.000 GHz)   +(13 GHz)
R140   +(11.900–18.000 GHz)   +(13–15 GHz)
R220   +(17.600–26.700 GHz)   +(18–23 GHz)
R260   +(21.700–33.000 GHz)   +(26–28 GHz)
R320   +(26.400–40.000 GHz)   +(28, 32, 38 GHz)
R400    +(42 GHz)
R500    +(42 GHz)

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Example 1

WGA 7185 UDR84(A) N

WGACoaxial–Waveguide Adapter
7185Operating Frequency: 7.125–8.500 GHz
UDR84(A)Aluminium UDR84 flange
NN (female) connector

Example 2

WGA 7185 CPR112G(B) N

WGACoaxial–Waveguide Adapter
7185Operating Frequency: 7.125–8.500 GHz
CPR112G(B)Brass CPR112G flange
NN (female) connector

Example 3


WGA 380 UBR320(A) K

WGACoaxial–Waveguide Adapter
380Operating Frequency: 38 GHz band (37.000–39.500 GHz)
UBR320(A)Aluminium UBR320 flange
KK (female) connector

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