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Separate Interfaces

Separate Interfaces

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Separate Interfaces – sometimes called mounting brackets or remote mounting kits – are mechanical accessories to install the outdoor radio units on the mounting pole near the antenna, and connect them with flexible waveguide. The connection scheme is also known as indirect, or remote mount.

A wide variety of separate interfaces is available with ODU-side and waveguide-side interfaces, including types with integrated waveguide transitions, for applications where the antenna/waveguide dimensions do not fit the ODU output.

Separate Interface with ODU and flexible waveguide


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Example 1

SI 130 C(IP10) PBR140(A)

SISeparate Interface
130Operating Frequency: 12.750–13.250 GHz
C(IP10)Ceragon IP10 interface at ODU side
PBR140(A)Aluminium PBR140 flange at waveguide side


Example 2

SI 380 RC1 UBR320(B)

SISeparate Interface
380Operating Frequency: 37.000–39.000 GHz
C(IP10)Remec RC1 interface at ODU side
UBR320(B)Brass UBR320 flange at waveguide side

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