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Grid Antennas (GRPA)

Grid Antennas (GRPA)

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Grid Antennas (GRPA) are paraboloid antennas with grid reflector. They are mainly used in harsh environment, where the wind speed is high. Since the wind blows through the reflector surface, the wind-load of the antenna is low.

Grid antennas are available in single polarized design, with diameters 0.6–3.0 m.

Main features of GRPAs are: high gain, robust construction, low cost.


Available types are listed in the following frequency–diameter table (one may click on the required Frequency Range to find more information about the antennas):

Frequency RangeAntenna Diameter [m]
 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.8 2.4 3.0
1.350–1.535 GHz++++++
1.700–1.900 GHz++++++
1.700–2.100 GHz++++++
1.900–2.100 GHz++++++
1.900–2.300 GHz++++++
2.300–2.500 GHz++++++
2.470–2.700 GHz++++++
3.400–3.600 GHz++++++
Grid antennas

Grid Antennas

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