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The ‘Sniffer’ Conical Horn Antenna System

The ‘Sniffer’ Conical Horn Antenna System


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The ‘Sniffer’ Conical Horn Antenna System

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WGA Family coaxial–waveguide adapters


Horn Type  Frequency Range  Gain (typ)  Flange*  Connector**
CH 0.11 S 601006.000–10.000 GHz  15.5–19.0 dBiUBR84  3.5 mm (SMA)
CH 0.11 S 751207.500–12.000 GHz  17.5–19.5 dBiUBR100  3.5 mm (SMA)
CH 0.11 S 10715410.700–15.350 GHz  19.5–20.5 dBi  UBR100/120/140  3.5 mm (SMA)
CH 0.11 S 12018012.000–18.000 GHz  19.5–21.0 dBiUBR140  3.5 mm (SMA)
CH 0.11 S 17024517.000–24.500 GHz  19.5–21.5 dBiUBR220  3.5 mm (SMA)
CH 0.11 S 17726517.700–26.500 GHz  20.0–22.0 dBiUBR220/260  2.92 mm (K)
CH 0.11 S 26540026.500–40.000 GHz  20.0–22.0 dBiUBR320  2.92 mm (K)

* Multi-standard flanges have threads according to all patterns indicated.
** Optional coaxial–waveguide adapters have female connectors.
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Key Features

Designed for tough conditions:
the robust cones are machined
from a single aliminium rod

Fine polarization adjustment
(0° … 360°, continuously)
can be made by hand

Multi-standard UBR flanges*
are available for coaxial–waveguide adapter or flextwist connection

Metallic rotary cap provides
high-level protection for optional
coaxial-waveguide adapter

Quick release shoe helps
attaching the antenna on
different supporting systems

Pole mounting kit can be assembled and fine adjusted in all directions by hand for measurements on tower


The ‘Sniffer’ is the ultimate solution for performing simple microwave link measurements using small, lightweight, and reliable conical horn antennas.

The product family consists of three small-size, wideband, conical horn antennas, a smart mounting system, and optional coaxial-to-waveguide adapters. Waterproof handbag and riflescope for direction finding are also available upon request.

The ‘Sniffer’ is the ideal tool for performance checks, failure searches and interference measurements: it is easy to climb up to the tower with the small-size and lightweight horn antenna that can be mounted on horizontal or vertical pole by hand without any tools.

The camera tripod can be used during measurements on flat surface

Optional riflescope can be attached to the antennas using the guide on the top

Waterproof handbag with padded divider system is available for safe storage and transportation