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Mikrohullámú Antennák

Mikrohullámú Antennák

GRANTE Corporation offers a wide range of professional microwave parabolic antennas, for frequency ranges 1–80 GHz, with diameters 0.17–3.0 m. Available types cover the whole range of parabolic antennas—grid (up to 3.5 GHz), standard, high performance, and high cross-polar discrimination—, allowing system designers to choose according to their requirements on gain, interference protection, cross-polar discrimination, etc.

Outdoor radio units from several manufacturers can be directly mounted on high performance antennas, however, special inter-face requirements can be fulfilled upon customer’s request.

Standard Parabolic Antennas (PA)

Single or dual polarized professional parabolic antennas for ISM frequency ranges

Grid Antennas (GRPA)

Low wind-load antennas for frequency ranges 1.3–3.5 GHz

High Performance Antennas (HPA)

High interference protection antennas for frequency ranges 1–40 GHz

High Cross-Polarization Discrimination Antennas (HXPA)

High cross-polarization discrimination antennas for high performance duplex systems (e.g. XPIC) for frequency ranges 4–18 GHz

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