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Standard Parabolic Antennas (PA)

Standard Parabolic Antennas (PA)

PA – 5258 Series Antenna Specifications
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Standard Parabolic Antennas (PAs) are traditional antennas used in wireless point-to-pont links. They are mainly used in the ISM frequency bands where the interference protection of the antenna is not essential.

Standard parabolic antennas are available in single and dual polarized designs, with diameters 0.3–1.5 m.

Main features of PAs are: high gain, simple design, low cost.


Available types are listed in the following frequency–diameter table (one may click on the required Frequency Band to find more information about the antennas):

Frequency Band
Antenna Diameter [m]
 0.3 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.2 1.5

0.6 m diameter dual polarized Standard Parabolic Antenna

Other frequencies and/or diameters are available on special request.

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