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Coaxial–Waveguide Adapters

R220 Series Specifications

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220 Series

Electrical SpecificationWGA 176267 … R220WGA 177236 … R220
Operating Frequency  17.600–26.700 GHz  17.700–23.600 GHz
Insertion Loss0.4 dB0.4 dB
Return Loss−17 dB−20 dB
Coaxial Cable Connector Type 1K (2.92 mm)SMA
Waveguide Flange Type 2UBR
Mechanical SpecificationWGA 176267 … R220WGA 177236 … R220
Net Weight 30.1 kg
MaterialWGA 176267 … R220WGA 177236 … R220
MaterialAluminium / Brass

1 Other connector types are available upon request.
2 Other flange types are available upon request (e.g. American Standard CPR/UG).
3 Approximate value (net weight depends on the required coaxial cable connector and waveguide flange).

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